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Fort Bliss Dumpster Support Case Study

Fort Bliss is a US military base located outside El Paso, Texas. In March 2021, the base provided temporary housing for refugees from various locations around the globe. Sustain was contacted by another national rental company to provide emergency dumpster services for municipal waste associated with the camps.


Utilizing preferred partnerships, Sustain was able to respond quickly and mobilize multiple dumpsters to the base within days and coordinate daily swaps scheduled and performed Monday through Saturday. We created a solution that met the site needs and overcame logistical roadblocks (landfill availability on Sundays, site security, etc). At the height of the project, Sustain coordinated the mobilization of up to (14) fourteen 30 and 40 yard dumpsters daily to manage the waste needs at the facility, while providing constant communication, weight ticket verifications, and required documentation.


In May 2021, a dumpster fire occurred in one of the dumpsters on site that was a result of improperly handled sterno cans by site personnel. Sustain was quick to respond and provide a simple solution. A dedicated dumpster was immediately placed on site to collect only sterno cans for proper removal and disposal without contaminating the municipal waste or creating a safety concern.

Continued Support

Sustain continued to provide multiple dumpsters and multiple daily swaps at the Fort Bliss location over a 24 month timespan. We facilitated the removal of approximately 2,275 loads of trash to date.

As with all our work, what has made this job successful is a strong relationship with trusted partners, project management by service matter experts, and a dedication to providing exemplary customer service.





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