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Turn-Key Program Case Study

Sustain was introduced to the largest soda company in the world in 2020.  The introduction was the result of servicing a different portfolio customer for the same environmental consultant.

The immediate complexity was multiple fixed facilities in a vast geography spanning over twenty-three company owned brands which lacked consistency, timeliness, and quality of service.

As a result, Sustain worked with the environmental consultant and end-user to develop a program that created simplicity and superior solutions.

The services that are executed (shown below) showcase the diversity of Sustain’s staff and partners.

IAQ Services

Sustain provides asbestos, mold, and lead abatement at all owned facilities.  As part of the service, our team helps to identify priority projects and match the budget.  Project Managers work with facilities to accommodate employees during the services, execute varying size/complexity abatements and provide reconstruction services to bring affected areas back to a like existing condition.

Ventilation Assessment/HVAC Upgrade

Sustain provides routine and emergency ventilation assessments for a variety of customer reasons.  The assessment can reduce operating costs, improve indoor air quality, minimize the risk of injury, and eliminate liability.  Our assessments determine the functionality of existing systems and make recommendations to meet ventilation regulations in the workplace.

As part of our turn-key solutions, any approved upgrades/modifications are completed by our partners and successfulness of implementation is determined by additional measurements.

Acoustical Engineering

Sustain provides a variety of testing/evaluations to control the interior and exterior noise from mechanical equipment, noise impact assessments for facilities, OSHA noise exposure studies and sound and impact isolation design and testing.  Upon assessment determinations, Sustain has managed the completion of services to create a safe working environment.

COVID-19 Decontamination

Sustain worked with industrial hygienists to develop a comprehensive response procedure and plan.  Due to the decontamination being executed in food processing areas, Sustain ensured strict compliance with techniques and cleaners used during the service.  With the proper procedure and fast response, facilities were able to ensure the safety of their employees while keeping businesses open and continuing to meet production goals.

Sustain has completed over 200 projects in 25 states creating brand uniformity, compliant workspaces, and rapid response to ensure business operations were minimally interrupted.





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