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LTL Carrier Waste Management Case Study

Sustain was introduced to a national LTL carrier company in 2022 who was facing challenges with their current service provider. Sustain was able to provide a superior solution that was efficient, simple for the LTL carrier, and adaptive to the unpredictable waste market.


Immediate Impact

Our first challenge was removing a backlog of nearly 1,300 containers of waste at their terminal locations throughout the Northeast states that were causing capacity and regulatory compliance issues within their respective state guidelines. This backlog was a multilayer issue with a root cause of the ongoing challenging incinerator market restrictions and the unwillingness of the current waste provider to take any counter measures for alternative service and movement from the terminals. Utilizing multiple disposal facilities and transport options, Sustain was able to eliminate the backlog within 3 months.

Transparent Communication

We went to task to formulate a transparent and standardized pricing structure for transportation and disposal (Truth). We separated ourselves from other providers by utilizing any and all TSDF outlets throughout the Northeast to ensure service was being completed despite the market and logistical challenges (Underdog Mentality/Superior Solutions). We utilize our own internal transportation when applicable, in conjunction with partnered waste transporters because we understand that we can’t simply wait for results (Appreciation) and we are always collaborating on these issues/service capabilities as they arise to meet the common goal (No Suprises).

Consistent and Expansive Commitment

As a result of our success in the Northeast region, we were awarded the waste contract within the Southeast utilizing the same approach and willingness to adapt and overcome each challenge as it arises. As we continue to service the East coast, we are in preliminary discussions for expansion into California and taking an integral role in the development of a new software platform that will be utilized for their waste container inventory and tracking purposes.

Sustain has effectively removed 3,905 hazardous and non-hazardous containers from 75 terminals in less than a year. We continue to exhaust every effort in the onboarding of disposal facilities in our awarded regions and remain a preferred provider that is dependable in servicing this complex portfolio.


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